Control System, Air, HydroQuip CS6008US1, Versa-Heat, Pump1, Blower or P2 w/Cords

Manufacturer: HydroQuip
SKU: CS6008-US1-VH
Manufacturer part number: CS6008-US1-VH
Products specifications
GFCI Included: No
Heater Style: Remote Heater
System Voltage: 120/240V
Spaside Included: Not Included
4th Circuit: N/A
2nd Circuit: Blower/Pump 120/240V (1- Speed)
Main Circuit: 2- Speed Pump 120/240V
Control Brand: HydroQuip
Need To Run: Pump1 + Blower/Pump2
Heater Wattage: 1.4/5.5kW
Same As CS6008-U1-VH (HydroQuip)
Warranty 365 - Warranty for 1 year from date of purchase. Must be returned in original packaging or subject to a 15% repackaging charge if returned for credit. No refunds.
Weight 18.95 Lb. Ea