G6406 Balboa BP7 Control System spa pack kit 230V Only, 4.0 kW, 3 Pumps with TP600 Topside & Light Cord ask mp

Manufacturer: Balboa
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Manufacturer part number: G6406
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BP7 Control System Bundle
The Next Generation of BP Hot Tub Control Systems is finally here.
A system built for the aftermarket.. With 7 relays, the BP7 has 32 different setups and can power a spa with 1-4 pumps, including Microsilk systems. Can also replace any Balboa BP System* while using the existing topside that is already installed on the spa. Will replace any Balboa VS or EL System* when you match it with any TP or SpaTouch topside panel. Will replace any Balboa or other brand’s non-low flow system* when you match it with any TP or SpaTouch topside panel. This system can only be used at 220v.
Additional Information
AMP Style Receptacles - Component Cords Not Included
Enclosure - Plastic - 17" x 11.5" x 4.75" WxHxD (Larger than VS Enclosures)
Sensors - Included
Keypad - Included - 7.1" x 3.5" (TP600) Also Supports all BP ancillary products (ControlMySpaâ„¢, BBAâ„¢, CZâ„¢ and Status Pro
Heater Style - Flow Thru (Fixed) - Wattage - 1.0/4.0kW - 2" x 15"
System Voltage - 240V (Neutral NOT Required) Can Be Wired With Neutral to Support 120v Pumps, Blowers, Etc.
Component Configuration - 120v/240v - Pump1 (1spd or 2spd) + Pump2 or Blower (1spd or 2spd) + Pump3 or Blower (1spd or 2spd) + Circ (1spd) + Ozone + AV Receptacle (120v or 230v)
Included With System - 4.0kw Heater, Sensors, Keypad (TP600), Adapter Plate, Light Cord | Component Cords Not Included | Works With Keypad 55676-09 (TP600) Suggested Overlay #12101 (Included) | CAN REPLACE ANY BALBOA VS OR EL SYSTEM When you match it with any TP or SpaTouchâ„¢ topside panel
Alternate Part Numbers
  • Replaces VS300, VS500Z, VS501Z, VS501SZ, VS503SZ, VS504SZ, VS510SZ, VS510DZ, VS511Z, VS511SZ, VS513Z, VS514SZ, VS515Z, VS515SZ, VS520Z, VS520SZ, VS520DZ, VS525Z