X268513 Filter Cartridge, Eco Pur Filter for Teleweir, Master Spa, Diameter: 5", Length: 5-1/2", Bottom: 1-5/8" SAE Thread, Top: Handle

Manufacturer: Pleatco
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SKU: X268513
Manufacturer part number: X268513
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Filter Cartridge
Relax, it's Master Spa
Pleatco Advanced SPA® replacement filter cartridges ensure high powered propulsion flow and crystal clear, sparkling clean water filtration providing spa owners peace of mind to relax and focus on what's truly important - health and happiness.
Additional Information

Cartridge diameter -5"

Cartridge length - - 5-1/2"

Top configuration -Handle Bottom configuration - 1-5/8" SAE Thread

Square footage -25

Spa OEM's that use this filter cartridge- Master Spa- Twilight Series Spas- 2010-2016, Models- TS 240, TS 120, Healthy Living Hot Tubs-2013-2016 Models- HL 8.5, HL 8, HL 7.5, HL 7, HL 630L, HL 624L, HL 620L, HL 616L, HL 740L, Down East Spas- 2011-2012 Models- Cape Cod 2, Windsor 2, Exeter 2, Portsmouth 2, East Hampton 2, Somerset, Windsor STS, Clarity Spas- 2013-2016 Model- CLS 1055, CLS 855L, CLS 855, CLS 738L, CLS 738, CLS 730L, CLS 730, CLS 524, Precision 8, Balance 8, Precision 7, Balance 7

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