0612-300001 Control System, Gecko, IN.YJ-3, 1.0/4.0kW, Pump1 w/ Hard Wire Cords, Mounting Bracket Kit & K300-1OP Spaside

Manufacturer: Gecko Alliance
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SKU: 0612-300001
Manufacturer part number: 0612-300001
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in.yj Electronic Control System
Delivers optimal performance and total control
It’s well known that the best-selling in.yj-3 is the nicest control system for small footprint spas. But the temptation to muscle it up and make it the best there is proved irresistible. With its boosted CPU, more memory and higher capacity relays, in.yj-3 now has the power it needs for new features… like an updated FLO circuit, LED lights for troubleshooting clues and dual phase CE configuration so it can be used anywhere in the world.
Additional Information
No Receptacles - (Hard Wire Only) - Component Cords With Spade Connectors Included
Enclosure - Plastic - 11.8" x 7.3" x 3.75" WxHxD
Sensors - Included
Keypad - Included 6.25" x 2.25"
Heater Style - Flow Thru (Remote) - Wattage - 1.0/4.0kW - 2" x 15"
System Voltage - 120/240V (Neutral Required)
Component Configuration - 120v/240v - Pump1 (1spd or 2spd) + Pump2 or Blower or Ozone or Circ (1spd)
Included With System - 4.0kw Heater, IN.K300 Keypad, LED Bulb, Light Socket / Cable, Adapter Plate, Mounting Bracket / Screw Kit, Component Cables (4 wire & 3 wire) | Works With The Following Keypads | BDLK3001OP (Included) | BDLK3002OP (Not Included)
Alternate Part Numbers
  • BDLYJ2K300
  • 3-72-7050
  • 0612-300001
  • 3727050
  • 0612300001
  • GK0612300001